Esther Hunziker, FREQUENCY, 2008


Beam me up
01/15/10 to 03/14/10

Exibition with the online project Beam me up.
Beam me up
is an online project that invites artists and authors from different countries to concern themselves with the concept of space in the form of art contributions and essays. Interpretations of the concept of space are here based on both pictures and texts, on artistic and philosophical models as well as on scientific experience.
With an architectural design specifically developed by Morger + Dettli 

Art contributions by:
Alec Finlay, Byker/Newcastle; Hoio / Samuel Herzog, Zürich; Esther Hunziker, Basel; Jieming Hu, Shanghai; Knowbotic Research, Zürich; Marc Lee, Zürich; Zhenhua Li, Beijing; Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Köln; Jamie OÂ’Shea, New York; Tania Ruiz Gutierrez, Paris; Keiichiro Shibuya, Tokyo; Alan Sondheim, New York; Monica Studer / Christoph van den Berg, Basel; Genxiong Tan, Shanghai; Joe Winter, New York; Carlo Zanni, Mailand.

Essays by:
Jelena Beban-Brkic, Zagreb; Guillaume Bélanger, Madrid; Martin Brauen, New York; Regine Buschauer, Zürich; Sarah Cook, Newcastle; Johanna Dombois, Köln; Joyanne English, Winnipeg; Stephan Günzel, Berlin; Stefan Riekeles, Berlin; Nils Roeller, Zürich; Richard Schindler, Freiburg/Breisgau; Reinhard Storz, Basel; Christina Vagt, Berlin.

A project by: Reinhard Storz,;
Conceptual collaboration: Studer / van den Berg
Interface and database: Klaus Affolter, Basel
Curatorial collaboration: Sarah Cook, Newcastle; Stefan Riekeles, Berlin; Annette Schindler, Basel; Lansheng Zhang, Shanghai. 

More about the project:
Supported by Migros Culture Percentage.