[plug.in] is a space for contemporary art, which applies electronic media. Media technology has become an important component of our daily life. [plug.in] deals with the social and artistic questions resulting from the merge of life and media technology.

[plug.in] stands for the analogue outlet of the electricity circuit and for the digital program extensions enabling computer software?s to interact. Our name describes our ambition: to expand the social hard drive with new artistic discourses and to stimulate participation in dynamic and interactive processes.

[plug.in] provides: exhibitions with internet and software art, interactive installations, sound art etc.; events on media art and digital culture; a library with books and DVDs and a shop with artists' editions and electronic gadgets.

Curators, artists, agents, authors, journalists and academics can all benefit from the [plug.in] network and knowledge base. We offer general introductions, lectures on media art and in depth insight in specific areas, both to school groups and to a wider audience.

[plug.in] collaborates with artists and artist collectives in selected individual productions. It assists in the realisation of technologically complex works and helps to convey these to the general public.